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09 Oct 2023
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Terre Des Hommes

Have you ever faced a similar situation when carrying out a survey in the field ? 

  1. You do not know how to start with your data collection.  No one in the team agrees… Some of the colleagues just want to re-use the same old questionnaire.
  2. You realize that the data that you collect does not make sense, it is incomplete, there are too many errors,  it seems that some of the questions were not understood by the respondents… Or you realize that you have included too many questions that are not that useful...
  3. The database is messy, too heavy, you do not manage to organize the information
  4. You forgot to insert a very important question in your questionnaire, you miss crucial data…. But now it is too late
  5. Your analysis is not robust enough, because you collected bits and pieces, the charts do not make sense

Unfortunately these issues are quite common. Developing a robust Analysis plan will help you prevent them.