Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks (HNPW) 2023

The HNPW 2023 will be held in a hybrid format from 17 to 28 April 2023 (17-21 April remote, 24-28 April face-to-face at the CICG in Geneva).

The Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week (HNPW) is an annual humanitarian conference, one of the largest events of its kind, that provides a collaborative space for practitioners and experts from a large variety of humanitarian stakeholders including UN agencies, NGOs, the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, academia, the military, private sector initiatives, and Member States.

The event was first held in 2015 upon a recommendation from Member States and the stakeholders of Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships to hold their annual meetings at the same location and to provide an opportunity for professionals working in the humanitarian sector to exchange experience, discuss new concepts, introduce new tools and ideas, connect, and collaborate in finding solutions to common challenges in crisis preparedness and response.

Since 2017, the strategy for HNPW cross-network collaboration is defined by the "Leading-Edge Program" Strategic Group, which is co-chaired by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), comprising representatives of Networks and Partnerships that attend the HNPW. The LEP Strategic Group has agreed on nine Areas of Common Concern for cross-network collaboration.

In addition to network and partnership meetings, the HNPW 2023 will offer a wide variety of cross-network interactive sessions, briefings, technical meetings, and a virtual Exhibition Area, where participants can exchange experience and have the opportunity to network with professionals and experts across many sectors. Most sessions in the HNPW face-to-face week will be accessible remotely. Connection details of upcoming sessions and the outcomes of completed sessions are available in the Event Program.