Strengthening cybersecurity case studies

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Date published
11 May 2023
Case study
Data protection / Responsible data management

With increased digitalisation, (international) civil society organisations – (I)CSOs – have faced an increase in digital threats and cyberattacks carried out by malicious actors interested in financial gains and access to sensitive data or identifiable personal information. In recognition of this growing challenge, Solidarity Action Network is taking a closer look at cybersecurity in the civil society sector.

The collection of four case studies represents a snapshot of several cybersecurity incidents: a phishing attack that hijacked an organisation’s social media account; a spear phishing attack that targeted employees’ email accounts over six weeks; a brute-force attack that featured a high volume of attempted logins; and a ransomware attack in which attackers exploited a server vulnerability to hold an organisation’s data hostage.

From there, includes lessons learned and opportunity areas, as well as guidance for CSOs.

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