Mapping for a Sustainable World

Publication language
Date published
15 Jul 2021
GIS & mapping
United Nations (UN)

This is a joint publication by the United Nations and the International Cartographic Association on how cartography can help to better understand, share and communicate the status of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS). It demonstrates how effective mapping techniques can reduce complexity to reveal relevant spatio-temporal patterns, including global population growth, socioeconomic disparities, and climate change. Such visualisations make tangible the challenges to and successes in achieving the SDGs, facilitating public awareness thereof. The publication describes foundational design decisions in cartography, introduces the SDGs in relation to geographic datasets, alongside the common map types and diagrams for representing SDG indicators, and discusses consideration for map use environments. By integrating geospatial and statistical data of the Global SDG Indicators Database, cartography can enhance action and decision-making at the local and national level and help create a sustainable world.

Access the publication here.