Rethinking data and rebalancing digital power

Pavel, V.
Publication language
Date published
17 Nov 2022
Data analysis & visualisation tools, Data ethics

What is a more ambitious vision for data use and regulation that can deliver a positive shift in the digital ecosystem towards people and society?

This report, from the Ada Lovelace Institute, highlights and contextualises four cross-cutting interventions with a strong potential to reshape the digital ecosystem:

  1. Transforming infrastructure into open and interoperable ecosystems.
  2. Reclaiming control of data from dominant companies.
  3. Rebalancing the centres of power with new (non-commercial) institutions.
  4. Ensuring public participation as an essential component of technology policymaking.

The interventions are multidisciplinary and they integrate legal, technological, market and governance solutions. They offer a path towards addressing present digital challenges and the possibility for a new, healthy digital ecosystem to emerge. Learn more in this article.