Rapid Gender Analysis - Ukrainian Refugees in Poland

CARE International
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Date published
16 Mar 2022
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Children & youth, Gender, Humanitarian Access, LGBTQI, Needs monitoring, Needs assessment, Older people, Preventing Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (PSEAH), Gender Equality (SDG), Research, policy and analysis
CARE International

This Rapid Gender Analysis (RGA) researched by CARE highlights the most significant gender and protection issues for Ukrainians in Poland and flags urgent actions required to address them. It highlights the importance and need for demographic data / population data disaggregation within emergency response, particularly highlighting the potential harms associated with different populations in the absence of reliable data (and potential strategies to mitigate it). The connection here is the fact that specific and targeted emergency response must be based on the needs of the specific populations that need support, which can be better understood through population data.

Recommendations include:

a) more consistent disaggregation of data on refugees to monitor gender dynamics and inform progressive gender analysis (to be continued by CARE and partners);

b) enhance protection and safety for vulnerable groups at critical sites;

c) integration of Ukrainians into the human resources of critical services (esp. health);

d) stronger integration of women leaders on decisions about protection and other related services (GBV response, reporting mechanisms);

e) easy access to specialised health services;

f) promote support for local women's organisations.