Power BI User Guide

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Date published
30 Nov 2020
Tools, guidelines and methodologies
Data analysis & visualisation tools, Business Intelligence & dashboards

This resource was originally published on the CartoBlog in 2020 by CartONG. It was transferred to the IM Resource Portal in May 2021. The CartoBlog will be decommissioned in early 2022.

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful analytical platform that provides the user with tools for analyzing, visualizing, and sharing data. 

The main purpose of this document, which was developed by CartONG as part of the ongoing partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), is to present the different ways of:

  • connecting to various sources
  • cleaning the data structure, and
  • creating the report for further publishing to the web and sharing with colleagues.

If you’re interested in learning more about PowerBI, we also encourage you to discover the PowerBI workshop that was conducted by CartONG during the last edition of the GeOnG Forum, and which is available on our Youtube Channel!

This publication is supported by the French Development Agency (AFD). Nevertheless, the ideas and opinions presented in this document do not necessarily represent those of AFD.