Merl Tech blog posts series on practicalities of responsible data management for M&E

Hlaka, T.
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Date published
01 Jun 2022
Mobile Data Collection, Data protection / Responsible data management, Monitoring

This blog series is composed of 3 blog posts focusing on Part 2 of the Responsible Data Governance in M&E in the African Context report, which explores practical approaches to responsible data management, before, during, and after data collection. There are seven stages in the data lifecycle covered in this series.

Designing and Planning is Stage 1 of responsible data governance according to our guiding framework. At this stage, we recommend planning and designing for the full Data Lifecycle, including legal aspects, data sharing plans, risk-benefit assessment, and budgeting.

In the second blog post, we dive into Stage 2 of our guiding framework: Collecting or Acquiring Data. Here we offer guidance on aspects of data collection such as risk-benefit, data minimisation, informed consent, and ethical review/institutional review boards.

Responsible data transmission and storage is stage 3 of responsible data governance according to our guiding framework. Here we offer guidance on data security during transmission and storage, key questions for review of third-party vendors, and orientation on data breach protocols.