MERL Tech and Responsible Data: Why we collaborate

Linda, R.
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Date published
02 Mar 2022
Data protection / Responsible data management, Monitoring

Monitoring, evaluation, research and learning (MERL) are by nature data-heavy activities. It makes sense, then, that over the past decade the use of digital technology and digital data has permeated the practice of MERL.

In the social change sphere (humanitarian aid, development work, human rights, and program areas such as health, education, social protection, and protection overall), much of the data that we collect when conducting MERL comes from at-risk or underrepresented populations. This data influences decisions to support these same populations to access rights and services. It also tells us whether or not our interventions have worked and for whom. For this reason, a responsible approach that takes data ethics and data protection into account is an imperative for MERL. 

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This is a cross-post. The original, titled “Responsible Data and MERL” was posted on The Engine Room’s Responsible Data Forum website on February 21, 2022.