Looking back at 8 years of the Responsible Data

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15 Feb 2022
Data ethics, Data protection / Responsible data management

Eight years ago, a small group of practitioners wanting to address the challenges and opportunities for responsibly using data for social change came together as a budding Responsible Data community. Today, we celebrate the hundreds of community members who contribute to this space with healthy debates and resource-sharing about strategy, compliance, innovation and emerging risks.

To celebrate this anniversary, we invited 12 experts and members of the community to write about how discussions about various Responsible Data-related topics have evolved over the past eight years. The broad range of topics explored in this collection reflect the variety of discussions that have taken place within the community, and span topics such as responsible data visualisation, responsibly conducting open source investigations and informed consent in data collection processes. Aside from looking back at how these topics have developed throughout the years, the authors also look ahead and share their thoughts about what they hope will come next. Discover this collection of articles about responsible data by downloading the PDF version or clicking on this link!