"Folder Structure and Archiving" - Part of OCHA's IM Toolbox

Field Information Services (FIS) Team
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18 Jan 2022
Data approaches

The data structure presented on this page represents a hybrid approach based on best practices identified in OCHA offices around the world. It includes standards both for where data is stored, in what format, and how it is named. Additionally, it provides structures for archiving outdated datasets and products.

This resource is part of OCHA’s Information Management Toolbox, which is an online space for OCHA’s Information Management staff to access current and curated information tools, services, and systems to support humanitarian response and preparedness coordination. The Toolbox is the authoritative reference for OCHA information management tools and systems. The IM Toolbox is an essential part of every Information Management Officer’s packing list - for all phases of humanitarian response and preparedness work.