Enhanced Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment: Version 1 - for field testing

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Date published
17 Jan 2018
GIS & mapping, Participatory data collection

The Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment is a long-standing approach of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement better known by its acronym ‘VCA’. It is a participatory process developed for communities to become more resilient through the assessment and analysis of the risks they face and the identification of actions to reduce these risks.

The toolkit provides guidance of a range of methodologies that can be used for community-based Vulnerability and Capacity Assessments, which are primarily participatory, qualitative methodologies (such as community mapping, seasonal calendars, Venn diagrams, semi-structured interviews, focus-group discussions, etc.). Although specifically focused on Vulnerability and Capacity Assessments for disaster risk mitigation, the participatory methodologies can be applied to a range of sectoral programming.

Discover the toolkit here.