Digital Tech 4 Resilience Tool

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01 Jul 2021
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FHI 360

Digital technologies increasingly have a role in supporting resilience efforts, but how you decide whether a technology might be relevant to your project and whether a digital technology provider is right to meet your needs? We have developed an Excel-based Digital Technology for Resilience Planning and Due Diligence Tool to help you with exactly that.

This tool intends to help resilience practitioners like you

  • better plan for how to use a particular digital technology in your projects and programs,
  • as well as to provide a framework on how to conduct a basic level of due diligence on digital technology providers that you have already identified as potential partners.

Since this tool has been optimized for use in Microsoft Excel, we recommend that you download it to use it, rather than simply viewing it online or converting it into a Google Sheet. Read below for more details or download the tool in Excel to get started.

Check the tool here.