Effective and Ethical Data Sharing at Scale

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Date published
14 Jun 2023
Tools, guidelines and methodologies
Data sharing & feedback, Data protection / Responsible data management, Information Management

Multiparty data sharing initiatives in the development sector have proliferated in the past decade as efforts to better leverage data for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals have intensified. 

However, few spaces exist to exchange knowledge on best practices or for partners engaged in (more or less effective) initiatives to consolidate learning and draw out common insights. This deficit persists in spite of demands from members of the data for development community for recommendations and actionable insights on what enables effective data sharing. 

The objective of this cookbook is to provide development practitioners and organizations with actionable, evidence-based insights, recommendations, and examples to create successful data sharing initiatives. This cookbook aspires to be a user-friendly, pragmatic, concrete, and concise tool for our community. Check it out here!