Digital Impact 4Q4 Podcast: Heather Leson on IFRC’s Data Playbook

Leson, H., Robinson, H.
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08 Nov 2019
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Data literacy

In 2018, Heather launched the IFRC Data Playbook, which is a social learning tool for data literacy co-created by hundreds of people across the IFRC.

The Playbook was developed with collaborator Dirk Slater at FabRiders. The beta version has opened up to hundreds of contributors from around the world, and various stakeholders continue to provide critical feedback on its development. The Playbook is a series of remixable content that includes games, checklists, slides, and scenario-based learning. The project is expanding to form a companion to the Playbook and includes a Microsoft Excel training called Cohorted Learning, eLearning modules called Data For Volunteers, and a research project called Decisions, Decisions. The next phase aims to reach more leaders with a new version that includes translations into multiple languages.

Learn more about IFRC Data Playbook by listening to the podcast below, hosting Heather Leson, Data Literacy Lead at IFRC. A written version is available here.

You may access the content of the Data Playbook Toolkit here.