Data Playbook

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09 Jun 2022
Data analysis & visualisation tools, Data approaches, Data literacy

The Data Playbook includes 10 modules with over 120 exercises, games, scenarios, and checklists. We’ve collected this content to serve diverse audiences and teams. The playbook approach uses a ‘pick-and-choose’ model rather than something to be ‘read and used’ from cover to cover in a sequential order. It is for teams to improve their data skills.

There is a guiding table of contents for the whole Playbook. Each module also has a ‘cover page’ to give you guidance on how to use the content in the module, and sometimes, across modules. We also created some draft ‘curriculum /workshop templates’ to demonstrate how various teams might use the playbook as part of their planning for individual workshops or even over months at a time.

The Data Playbook is now available in French, Spanish and Arabic. Check out the other versions here.