ICT Toolbox for small NGOs

18 May 2021

The ICT Toolbox was originally produced in French in 2017 by CartONG in support of Agence des Micro Projets de La Guilde (available here). The translated version in English was published on the CartoBlog in 2018 (more information below). It was transferred to the IM Resource Portal in May 2021.


In 2017, CartONG published a study on the use of ICTs by small aid organisations in French as well as a toolbox to help them along in their use of ICTs. The toolbox was comprised of 26 good practice, tool tip & user feedback sheets which could be used by any small humanitarian and development organisations wishing to use ICTs and needing guidance to do so.

CartONG received very positive feedback from the humanitarian sector after the publication of the study and toolbox, and have been meaning to extend the outreach of these work tools, in particular in non francophone areas of the world. With the support of our volunteers, most of the toolbox is now available in English. Specifically, good practice & tool tip sheets can be found as individual one pagers below.

To download all Good Practice and Tip Sheets from the ICT Toolbox in one go, please click on the zip file below.

The user feedback sheets remain to be made available in English. In the meantime, the whole ICT toolbox for small NGOs is available in French here.

For more information on this topic, please check out this study compiled by CartONG and published by Agence des Micro Projets de La Guilde in 2017 (in French only).

About the CartoBlog

What is it?

The CartoBlog was the blog of CartONG up prior to this portal. It was originally launched in 2012 and featured a wide range of practical and guidance resources for aid practitioners covering the full range of Information Management topics, with a strong focus on Mapping and Geographic Information Systems as well as Mobile Data Collection. It will be decommissioned in early 2022. The vast majority of its content has been transferred to the IM Resource Portal.