What does it mean to be a Member?

As a Network, together our Members have shared their learnings, carried out essential research and created a space for ongoing dialogue. Full/Associate Members contribute financially or in-kind, and are able to:

  • Guide and inform our research initiatives based on their current needs and gaps

  • Participate in ALNAP research and workshops

  • Have free access to ALNAP publications (online and hard copies) and webinars

  • Guarantee a number of places at our Annual Meetings, which brings together the widest range of humanitarian actors in the sector

  • Request presentations and workshops from the ALNAP team at their organisation

  • Keep informed of all ALNAP activities via Twitter, Facebook and our fortnightly email update

How does it work?

Most Full/Associate Members organisations nominate a representative to be the point of contact between the organisation and ALNAP. The ALNAP Secretariat works with the representative to keep them informed of ALNAP activites, as well as helping them advocate for better evaluation and learning within their organisation.

You or your organisation should normally have been a subscriber (formerly known as Observer Member) for at least one year before applying for Full/Associate Membership.